USIMINAS approved the appointment of the board members

USIMINAS informs, in addition to the Notice to the Market dated as of March 26th, 2018, that its
Board of Directors, in a meeting held on the present date, unanimously approved the
appointment of the following members to the Company’s Board of Officers, for a term until
the Company’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting to be held in 2020:

(i) SERGIO LEITE DE ANDRADE, as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer;

(ii) ALBERTO AKIKAZU ONO, for the position of Finance and Investors Relations Vice-President Officer;

(iii) TULIO CESAR DO COUTO CHIPOLETTI, for the position of Industrial Vice-President Officer;

(iv) TAKAHIRO MORI, for the position of Corporate Planning Vice-President Officer.

Read more at Appointment of the Company’s Board of Officers.

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