TISCO high-end MgO-CaO refractory enters European market

Shanxi Luweibao Taigang Refractory Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred as Luweibao Refractory), a subsidiary of TISCO, welcomed two good news in the past few days. First, an official contract of supply of MgO-CaO refractory will be signed between Luweibao Refractory and a French company after it used the refractory from TISCO in its 2 sets of 90-ton AOD furnaces to test furnace campaign. The result was 92 and 93 times, beyond the expectation of 90 times and the test succeeded in the first try. Second, a cooperation plan to test the refractory in 2 sets of 70-ton AOD furnaces of a Spanish company will be initiated soon. The access to the European market marks that Luweibao Refractory has made an important step toward the strategic goal of diversified businesses set by TISCO.

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