SAIL exhibits strong numbers for Q4 FY18, firmly poised on growth recurve

Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of the Financial Year2017-18 (Q4 FY18) and for FY18. After returning to profits in Q3 FY18, the Company in Q4 FY18 recorded aNetProfit of Rs.816 Crore reaffirming SAIL’s positive performance. This comes after making a provision of Rs.582 Crore towards enhanced gratuity recently approved by Government of India. All the five integrated steel plants of the Company have also recorded individual profits in Q4 FY18. SAIL management’s sustained efforts for process integration starting from production till reaching the customers, the intensive marketing efforts along with ramping up of production and stabilization of new mills are all yielding results and a novel end-to-end approach with its new product offerings is helping the Company achieve a stronger position.

Read more at SAIL declares Rs. 816 Crore Net Profit for Q4 FY18 – highest EBITDA in last 27 quarters.

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