About us

The Metals Consulting International (MCI) is an internationally active consulting firm with steel as core competence – from purchasing of raw materials through the production process, finishing, treatment and processing to its distribution. In this field MCI enjoys an international recognition and the reputation of being acknowledged experts. From the very beginning MCI made a strategic decision to unite with the MMI (Metals and Mining Intelligence) to secure a global network of professionals and unite resources.

MMI’s strength in operational market overview provides an ongoing tracking of developments world widely in a real time.

The MCI offers its international clients from industrial, commercial and service sectors integrated solutions along the entire steel value chain and supports them in becoming more successful in their endeavours.

Our customer portfolio primarily encompasses globally-operating and internationally-active but also established national companies in the steel industry, who better want to master the challenges of globalisation and the concentration of markets.

MCI’s team experience has contributed over many years to the stable and lasting success of the leading companies within the industry.

It is not just a business – it is a passion and our customers enjoy doing business with MCI knowing us a reliable party capable to fulfill all the obligations and provide the most accurate and valuable results for the successful growth of the business.